Top 10 Reasons for Choosing a High Class Escort Over a Low Class Hooker

Some adult entertainment professionals charge quite reasonably but often at the expense of mediocre quality service. Some will provide truly exceptional, remarkable, and world class escort service but the price would seem to favor only those individuals or clients with extensive financial reserves. And then there are those in the middle providing neither remarkable nor mediocre service at a price that is also affordable.

Now, in the world of adult entertainment, you are often left with at least two choices: a professional high class escort and a run-of-the-mill street slinger or hooker. And here are the top 10 reasons why it is always a lot better to get the services of a professional high class escort over some cheap low class hooker.

1. Truly gorgeous and stunning ladies. This is not to say that hookers are not beautiful but high class escorts are models and professionals and have even graced some of the most illustrious magazines in their respective countries. Some are budding actresses and models making a name for themselves. You can only expect them to have whistle-bait figures and very angelic faces.

2. Safety conscious. All professional escorts observe safety measures when it comes to protecting against the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Every high class escort Frankfurt undergoes regular health checkup to make sure they are healthy and fit. This is for your own good and for them as well.

3. Very professional. You will never see them whine or complain. They will treat each rendezvous as a very interesting and equally pleasurable experience for both you and them. Best of all, they look at it on a very professional level so you simply do not have to worry about anything else.

4. Provide excellent companionship services. Need a dinner date? Someone to impress your office buddies or your CEO? Need to look good in front of your ex who is now getting married? Want to be envied by all the men in your neighborhood? Whatever reason you may require, professional high class escorts can accompany you to a variety of social functions.

5. Treat you like a king. For the high class escort, no one is more important than you. That means that she will be serving you more like her king. If you fancy having someone pamper you like royalty, high class escorts are your best choice.

6. Pamper you like her boyfriend. Girlfriends are very loyal and they bring emotional stability into a relationship. A high class escort can bring the same feeling for every encounter that you have.

7. Seduce you like her lover. Want a PSE or a GFE? The passion of a high class escort is simply incomparable that you will not see it anywhere else. Only high class escorts can provide you the very unusual yet very ecstatic experience of being loved and wanted and desired by a truly voluptuous and ravishing lady.

8. Provide a unique twist to the word tour guide. If you want to have a tour of any given city or country, high class escorts can do that very well. Besides, what better way to enjoy the scenery than in the presence of the world’s loveliest and most alluring ladies?

9. Very intelligent. All high class escorts are degree-holders. Many speak different languages and can carry themselves in a variety of intellectual and social conversations. There is not a dull moment when you are in the company of these ladies.

10. Absolute value for money. Sure, high class escorts charge a handsome price. But, given the benefits of the services that they provide, this is more valuable than all the services of low class hookers, high class courtesans, and call girls combined.